Stas Klymenko

Software Developer

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First things first, dark or light editor theme?
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Only dark.
What's your favorite band or artist to listen to while coding?
Any music is distracting. Except pure music like rain sounds, space music, etc.
Favorite book and movie?
I love many books, especially written by Lovecraft, Tolkien, Poe, etc. Favourite movie is probably Interstellar from the latest years.
Do you have a CS degree? If not, what's your background.
Nope. I have a master's degree in translation.
Best advice on the programming you ever got?
Practice more. Theory, articles, videos are useless without practice.
What was your first portfolio project completed?
It was a landing page for a designer (PSD to Code).
The first project you got paid for?
It was on my main job. I was working on the project in extra time.
What's your editor of choice?
VSCode for sure.
What's the hardest part of being a programmer?
The hardest part is to understand what have you coded a month ago.
What do you love the most about programming?
You can build literally anything.
What's your definition of a good programmer?
Good programmer is a problem solver.
What language/framework are you most excited about?
JavaScript looks super great these days.
Any programming trend that you don't like?
Lot of people are trying to teach new developers and take money from this process while they are not actually providing anything really valuable compared to free courses or videos.