Kyle Shevlin

Loves JavaScript & React

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First things first, dark or light editor theme?
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Depends. Dark if indoors, light if outdoors
What's your favorite band or artist to listen to while coding?
I don’t really listen to music while I code. I like to make and produce music, so if I listen to it, my brain just fixates on figuring out the sounds and notes and I can’t focus on my work.
Favorite book and movie?
Don’t really have a favorite anymore. Probably whatever I enjoyed last.
Do you have a CS degree? If not, what's your background.
No, taught myself with the help of whatever tutorials I could Google and Codecademy.
Best advice on the programming you ever got?
Learn to write. Communicating your ideas becomes more and more important the further you get in your career.
What was your first portfolio project completed?
Shhh, keep this a secret (not really), but I’ve never really had a portfolio. I just make what I make and I put it on GitHub and I move on. I don’t waste a single minute worrying about what others think of my projects.
The first project you got paid for?
I got my first job in November 2013 working for a small agency:
What's your editor of choice?
What's the hardest part of being a programmer?
You’ll come to realize that every problem can be solved with enough time and/or enough money, and then you’ll realize you don’t have the time or money to solve all the things you want to solve. You’ll have to settle for only solving what you can.
What do you love the most about programming?
I love that it rewards you for learning. There’s always a new nugget of knowledge to acquire and use. Much of it can be found in older texts on software, too. Turns out that what was good then is often still good now.
What's your definition of a good programmer?
The person who can think logically and empathetically will be a great developer. Programming requires logical thinking, breaking problems down in to smaller problems over and over, but it also requires thinking about your user frequently. It does you know good to solve the wrong problem. Keep the user in mind, and you’ll have a North Star guiding your decisions.
What language/framework are you most excited about?
At this point in my career, I don’t really get excited by languages and frameworks. I feel like I could solve whatever problem I face with whatever tool I’m given, some just might take me longer than others. And this isn’t bragging, I think everyone who programs long enough can likely achieve that level of comfort diving into new problems in unfamiliar territory.
Any programming trend that you don't like?
It’s not specific to programming, but gatekeeping in all its forms is an ugly trend we have to eliminate. Programming is for anyone who wants to do it.